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I started Lab Blog to share my experiences and help other dog lovers with their beloved furry companions. Some articles will deal with specific medical conditions and treatments. Others will just recount the many joys and sorrows of living, loving and losing our best friends.

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a veterinarian, nor am I trying to play one on the Internet!

My intent is simply to offer the knowledge and insight I have gained in nearly 35 years of owning, training, breeding and loving my own dogs. I hope you find it amusing, informative and useful.

Thanks for visiting!

Lab Mama


If you commented on this site before, you know I had removed CAPTCHA to spare you the aggravation.  Unfortunately, I was almost immediately inundated with spam across all the posts, some of it very inappropriate.

Reluctantly, I have gone back to requiring the CAPTCHA step for commenting on this blog.  I apologize for the inconvenience but I really have no choice if I am to protect all of us from the spammers.


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